History Discovery Hall

Exhibition Room 1

Abundant Nature and Livelihoods

Life of the Jomon People in the Forests and by the Sea
Formation of a Rice Planting and Agrarian Society

People Going Back and Forth Across the Japan Sea

Japan Sea Exchanges and East Asia
Formation of the Noto and Kaga Provinces

Samurai and Ikki Uprisings

Enter the World of the Samurai
The World of Faith
Era of Ikki Uprisings

Politics and Culture of the Kaga Domain

Formation of the Kaga Domain
Development of the Kaga Domain Administration
The Kaga Domain at the End of the Edo Period

Exhibition Room 2

The Modern State and Ishikawa Prefecture

Samurai of the Modern Age
Era of Fine Crafts
Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese Wars and the Prefectural Citizens
Democracy and Modernity
Age of War and the Masses
The Days of Restoration and Growth

Kaga and Noto Festivals

Banquets for Gods and the People
World of Festive Elegance
Festive Theatre