Hands-on History

Historic garment dressing sessions and hands-on sessions for old classrooms and mountain family life are held here.

Normal menu

(Yayoi period clothing)
Mural found in the Takamatsuzuka Burial Mound
Mural found in the Takamatsuzuka Burial Mound
(Heian period noble’s clothing)
Foot soldier’s armor and helm
Feudal Lord Toshiie’s Armor and Helm
Edo Period Princess
Samurai General
Traveler’s clothes
(Edo period traveler)

Limited time menu

Kamakura period warrior’s armor
12-layered Ceremonial Kimono
(Heian period Princess)
These are not available now.

Historical Activity Corner

In this room there are a lot of items that were used by people many years ago. Let s try!

  • Hands-On
  • Activity Table
  • Pre-school Children's Space
  • ? Box
  • Old classroom
  • Challenging Costumes
  • Old Japanese Mountain House

To Everyone using the Historical Activity Area

  • The items on display are for everyone to use, so please handle them carefully.
  • There are a lot of items on display that could get broken, so please don’t run.
  • If you want to try on a costume or have a question, please ask a staff member.
  • Some of the items on display are very heavy, so don’t try to lift them if they’re too heavy for you.
  • The items on display change depending on the season.